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Vietnam’s NO.1 company in providing digital
contents on mobile platform

About ME

Mobile Entertainment Corporation (ME Corp), established in November/2010, is one of the pioneering enterprises in Vietnam, that develop the service to provide digital content on mobile platforms. The business sectors of ME Corp focus on the mobile game design, produce, distribute, release and construct the payment gateway service on mobile devices...

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Publishing/Distribution Platform

We are providing the most comprehensive platform to game/app developers who wishes to distribute/publish their products to the biggest community of mobile users in Vietnam.

Payment Platform

Our all-in-one online payment platform provides the best utility for payment to users. With an account, the user can pay for the whole of the products and services.


ME Corp owns a studio which set of staff are trained in the field of game design, programming and operation to produce excited mobile games and mobile applications.


Unique Games/Applications distribution model in Vietnam.
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2015 – 33 million users

October: Publish mobile game Te Thien Dai Thanh 3D

September: Publish mobile game Than Chi Mong
Publish mobile game Fantasy Legend

August: Publish mobile game Age of Warriors in SouthEast Asia
Publish mobile game Lang Khach

July: Launch Mopay – The payment gateway service in mobile platforms

June: Publish mobile game Eden

May: Launch Mopay - The payment gateway service for mobile platform

April: Publish mobile game 大武侠物语

March: Publish mobile game Dream of Naruto

Febuary: Publish mobile game Three of Kingdoms

January: Produce and publish mobile game O Chu

2014 – 30 million users

December: Publish mobile game Skylight
Produce and publish mobile game Cat & Stick

November: Possess the payment gateway service - GATE

October: Produce and publish mobile game Ac Than

2013 – 25 million users

November: Publish mobile game Legend of God

October: Publish mobile game Tay Du Ky

2012 – 14 million users

December: Publish mobile game Thong Linh

August: Publish mobile game Ky Tien

Febuary: Publish mobile game Thanh Cat Tu Han

2011 – 5 million users

December: Publish mobile game Long Tinh

2010 - ME Corp was founded


Mobile Entertainment Corporation

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